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I ordered the Rose and had it shipped to California.The non-alcoholic wine arrived very responsibly packed and the labeling and bottle aesthetic was pleasing to the eye. I was so excited to give it a try!It had the cutest and most easy going cork I have ever seen (and I worked banquets at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta as a young adult). I have always admired the wine-making process after participating in a wine sensory class, but I don't drink so this non alcoholic option was perfect! The rose was crisp, clean on the palate and flavorful. There was no obvious distinction from the Rose that has alcohol! Thank you, everything was tastefully done! I look forward to offering this to my catering clients in the future. Best of luck to you and your future endeavors!


I got the Tautila sparkling rose. I didn't even save any for my spouse, I killed the whole bottle before he made it home!


I'm saving mine for sisters night. I love mine and the presentation and packaging was a treat too! 

Satisfied Customer

Opening my box brought me some joy in the midst of Spring cleaning. After I tackle my closet & clean out all this stuff I've been hoarding then I will definitely take a moment to sit down to enjoy a glass of this nonalcoholic wine.

Satisfied Customer

The wine tasted soooo good! I'm a huge fan.


The moscato wine was DIVINE! Absolutely delicious!!

Danielle Jenkins

Magnolia Crescent is now OFFICIALLY apart of my self care routine. I treat myself & I MIGHT share with my hubby!


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